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Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter 45 Colt

Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter 45 Colt Bisley

Combine the Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter with the 45 Colt and modern loads and you have a near perfect hunting revolver.

Manufacturer: Ruger MFG Model #: 0864
Lipsey's Model #: RUKS457NH UPC #: 736676008643
Caliber: 45 Colt Quantity Produced: 823 to date
Production Year: 2003-2005 (2008-2011) Production Status: Out of Production
    Lipsey's Availability: Out of Stock
  Download Certificate of Authenticity
Single Action Revolver Integral Scope Mounts
7-1/2" Barrel Black Laminate Grips
Stainless Steel Adjustable Sights
53 oz. 6 Shot
Scope Rings Included Standard Gripframe

The Ruger Hunter series was always a steady seller in the 44 Magnum.  Ask any 45 Colt fan and they will tell you that the only thing better than a 44 Magnum is a properly loaded 45 Colt!  In the larger Ruger frame, the 45 Colt really turns from a mild "cowboy action" cartridge to a very efficient large bore hunting round.  For factory loads that take advantage of the 45 Colt's potential, check out Buffalo Bore Ammunition and Corbon.  For handloading info, Hodgdon got the ball rolling with the first "Ruger Only" loads section in their loading manuals.

Today, most of the loading manuals have a "Ruger Only" section and this gun is appropriate for those loads. There were two production runs of this model.  The original production run ran from 2003 to 2005 and consisted of 600 guns delivered.  Another 132 guns have trickled in between 2008 to 2010, most of which due to the parts cleanup Ruger has been doing the last few years.  The Ruger Hunter and the 45 Colt cartridge are a natural combination is a very sought after combination.

Recently, we have received an additional 91 guns in 2011 as part of a Ruger parts cleanup.  Please note the adjusted quantity produced above.

Jason Cloessner

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