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Ruger Number 1A Blue Light Sporter 30-30

Ruger Number 1A Blue Light Sporter 30-30

The 30-30 caliber in a Ruger Number 1 rifle has been requested for years.  Now Ruger and Lipsey's has teamed up to bring it to you. 

Manufacturer: Ruger MFG Model #: 11346
Lipsey's Model #: RU1A3030 UPC #: 736676113460
Caliber: 30-30 Quantity Produced: 250
Production Year: 2010-Present Production Status: Out of Production
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Rifle Falling Block Single Shot
22" Barrel Walnut Stock
Blue Finish 1-in-10" Twist
Open Rifle Sights Quarter Rib
7 lbs.  

This is the first Ruger Number 1 to be chambered in 30-30.  Ruger has received requests for this one for years and while on the surface it sounds kind of strange to want a relatively expensive falling block single shot in a levergun cartridge, it really does have some interesting possibilities.

First off, it is a rimmed cartridge which make it a perfect match for a falling block.  Secondly, since we don't have to contend with the magazine tube and pointed bullets issue, we are free to handload appropriate spitzer shaped bullets.  The various 125gr to 150gr spitzer bullets work very well out of the 30-30 when loaded in a Number 1.  If you don't handload, the Hornady Leverevolution along with any of the old standard flatnose bullets will work just fine.  A good friend is currently experimenting with cast bullets and his tests have been very promising.  As of now, 165gr gas checked bullets are giving good results.  When you think about it, a mild recoiling round that is completely capable of handling most big game in North America within 200 yards that is cheap to shoot and gives good accuracy really isn't that strange.  So far the customers have approved as these are selling very fast and if you want one don't think too long on it as they won't last long.

As a side note, a very few of these were stocked with circassion walnut by the factory.  We didn't order them this way, but for whatever reason Ruger stocked them with the upgraded wood.  If you happen to get one of these, you have a real gem!  One way to tell other than the wood, which is generally a lighter "honey" color, is that the checkering on the forend will wrap completely around the bottom and have an uncheckered diamond around the forend screw. 

- Jason Cloessner

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